Emily Lane Mixed-Media Paintings
In Honor of My Mother, Living with Alzheimer's
Mixed Media on Canvas
My mother was living with Alzheimer's and also Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.The two often go misdiagnosed with other neurological diseases. She was diagnosed too late for much to be done and I saw a beautiful, vibrant woman deteriorate so much and so quickly. I just needed to put down on canvas how she looked to me at the time. Her face was somewhat dazed and looking off somewhere. I wanted to portray a face but also wanted to distort it. I also brought in torn paper and other gel mediums to bring in different textures, kind of portraying the idea of things not running "smoothly" in her brain. It was a horrible journey to experience how this disease overtook her body and I feel I have portrayed this emotion in this painting. She passed away in October 2011.
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